Militant sentenced to 5 years for abandoned Berlin bomb plot

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Berlin – A 32-year- radical militant, on Friday was to five years and four months for helping to plan a terrorist attack the German capital Berlin.
According to the ruling by the Berlin Regional , the Gesundbrunnen shopping Centre has been considered as a target, but the militants abandoned their plans for fear being detected.
The accused, identified only as Magomed Ali, ’s stringent privacy laws, arrived 2011 from the Southern Russian region Dagestan.
He was allegedly radicalised in the Berlin Fussilet Mosque attended by Anis Amri, who killed 11 people in Dec. 2016 when he drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin.
The added that the accused knew Amri, but there was no established direct contact between the duo.
According to the presiding judge, Detlev Schmidt, Ali was the driving force behind group’s terrorist plot, but was in favour the attack and stored in flat.
The aim of the planned attack was allegedly to kill as many people as possible and undermine ’s domestic security by creating tension.
Investigators raided the Berlin apartment of the accused in Oct. 2016.

The trained shoemaker had been denied asylum in Germany but had a limited right to stay in the country.
He did testify during 38-day . His lawyer, Kerem Tuerker, said he would recommend that his client appeal the ruling.
Prosecutors had requested a sentence of six years and 10 months. (Xinhua/NAN)