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Minister honoured as Reggae patron, urges youths to vote for APC candidates



Prince Clem Agba

BENIN- The Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Agba, has urged Nigeria youths to vote for candidates of APC in the forth coming elections

Agba made the appeal on Sunday when he was honoured as a  Grand Patron  of Universal  Reggae Fans Movement (URFAM) in Benin

According to him,   “Gone are the days, when one  votes without considering the quality of the candidate.

 “Nigerians  should ask what has the candidate done before while he was a governor or in a private sector.

“The candidate  should show with proof, his leadership records,  not those who have nothing to show for their previous positions held by them while in office or private sector.”

Agba, however, said he chose to remain a ‘village boy’ in spite of his status, as an inspiration drawn from the late reggae icon, Bob Marley, who regardless of his high position then, still related with the downtrodden in Jamaica.

According to him “As I look around and ponder, we represent all that Bob Marley, whose life inspired the Movement, personified.

“He was a personality that rose from the obscurity of a lowly existence to the height of opulence; all within the span of youth. He transited at 36.

” He was an icon. Despite his material wealth and social status that qualified him to exit the lowly life and his community, he still identified with the humble conditions of his people.

“This is what  inspiresa drives some of us in leadership and the reason for my preference to remain a village boy and the reason for my village, community orientation.”

Agba, while explaining the colours of the reggae paraphernalia, challenged the youth to rely on their strength to bring about the positive change that the country yearned for, adding that what it would take the nation to be great depended on them.

“While the location of this event and the headquarters of the Movement inspire my thoughts, the Red, Green, and Yellow colours should define the greatness and nobility of its cause. They represent values and qualities that define ‘the Youth’.

“The red colour which represents Blood is symbolic of life, which peaks in Youth. This is the phase in life when our human

energies are channeled towards attaining our childhood dreams, fantasies, or visions. ” he said.

“This also applies to communities and nations, where youths constitute the production, security, and

defence forces. Youth is the most fertile phase of life when the mind is most active.

“The only problem is the temptation to think that youth resides and ends with us.

“Youth is a matter of  the mind. I am therefore one with you.” Agba added.

On his part, Dr Osagie Obayuwana, the National President, Human Rights Adviser,  urged the youth to return to those days where Reggae preached peace, inspired and passed  messages of libration.

Others honoured were Akpatason Peter, Deputy Majority Leader, House of Representatives, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed as National patron and Eno Louis, an Edo Reggae star .

Alhaji Lai Mohammed was represented by  Mrs Alice Ugbe, Assistant Director, Marketing, Benin Network Centre. (NAN)

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