Home News Miscreants sabotage FERMA’s rehabilitation work on Lagos-Badagry Expressway- –Official

Miscreants sabotage FERMA’s rehabilitation work on Lagos-Badagry Expressway- –Official


LAGOS – The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) on Monday in Lagos decried the attitude of miscreants sabotaging rehabilitation works on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.
The Engineer in charge of roads in Lagos West, Mr Kehinde Afolabi, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the miscreants sabotaged the road repairs to enable them extort money from motorists.
Afolabi said that the activities of the miscreants were responsible to existing traffic gridlock on the road, adding that the agency was finding it difficult to discharge its obligations to the public.
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“Accessibility to the site at times, traffic logjam, then again, something that looks more of sabotage.
“At times, you will attend to that section and before you see what is happening, the miscreants are disturbing us when we are attending to a good portion of the road.
“And they might want to hijack it because of their own selfish interest.
“The so-called “area boys” want to make use of pot holes or failed sections to attend to their own selfish aim to collect money.
“And seeing that FERMA is doing a good job would affect their own selfish interest, that is sabotage.
“Surveillance has made us to understand that at times they would just pour something that looks like acid.
“Or when they pour diesel, which is not friendly with our bitumen, there will be crack and before you know it, that same portion will just fly out.
“But our surveillance are there, we are having security reports that we will attend to it very soon.’’
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