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Mix-reactions Trails Trump’s Unconventional Sacking of FBI Boss


Late Tuesday evening, American president, Donald Trump ordered the firing of James Comey, the FBI director

Just like everyone else, James Comey, found out about his own sacking on television.

Comey was tasked with leading the investigation into Russia’s meddling into the 2016 campaign, following several claims that a possible collusion had occurred between Trump campaign operatives and Russian intelligence officials.

Other areas of concern also include Russia’s culpability in the hacking of Hilary Clinton’s email, the Democrats presidential candidate

Comey’s sack comes as a shock to many, including Republican congressmen. Top Republicans, including the senator directing the Senate’s Russia investigation, said Tuesday they were “troubled” by President Donald Trump’s decision.

“I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination,” Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, said in a statement.

As reported by CNN, Arizona Sen. John McCain said he was “disappointed” by the incident. Sen. Bob Corker, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and occasionally advised the Trump campaign last year, said he also had concerns.

A report from deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein highlighted Comey’s handling of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server as the main reason for his dismissal, but there seems to be more room for some explaining.

According to, Chris Cillizza, a CNN editor, removing the person charged with overseeing an investigation into a foreign country attempting to influence US elections by hurting one candidate (Clinton) and helping another (Trump) sends a chilling message up and down the federal bureaucracy — not to mention the populace.

Even if Trump’s decision to get rid of Comey had absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing Russia investigation, it looks very, very bad, he wrote.

Many think this complies with Trump’s promise to attempt a shake up of washington’s power structure, but it has now been seen as unfortunate, and a calculated method of stiffling any form of dissent or opposition.

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