Mixed Reactions Emerge As Driver Tips Lagos Policeman Over Bridge

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Many Nigerians on the internet have taken to social media to express mixed reactions over the tipping of a policeman over a by a yet-to-identified driver in Lagos State.

In a that surfaced online, the driver was seen evading by officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.

The PUNCH gathered that the policeman, who fell into a canal, was and has been hospitalised.

According to the Special Assistant to the Governor of Lagos State on New Media, Jubril Gawat, the police officer broke an arm and in critical condition.

He, however, faulted those supporting the action of the driver, saying that he committed multiple offences.

He tweeted, “The officer is dead. He broke an arm and in critical condition.

“I will personally investigate this and the driver must face the Law FULLY for committing MULTIPLE Offences.”

Reacting to the incident, Wale Adetona @iSlimfit said, “The driver was completely at fault. Let’s not excuses for him. I know the LASTMA guys can be so unruly too but the driver shouldn’t have resisted arrest.”

@iamdodo said, “It shouldn’t have escalated to this stage if the officers are provided with necessary tools. Training them on how to de-escalate tense situations would go a long way. However, the driver must face the law!”

Dami added, “Everybody at that scene should be charged. LASTMA and police need to learn how to behave. Send a ticket to him or run his plates, find the owner of the car, and fine the owner. When he wants to renew his license or collect his tax clearance, he will see he owes the government.”

Lawrenzi replying @Mr_JAGs said, “You don’t have the right to investigate this, let those saddled with the responsibility do their Job, you can ensure justice is served.”