Morocco foils illegal immigration attempt, arrests 25

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Rabat – The Moroccan police, Tuesday in a statement said has foiled an illegal immigration attempt in the northeastern city of Nador and arrested 25 Sub-Saharan African migrants.

During operation night, a person suspected of organising illegal immigration wanted by police was also arrested, the statement added.

The search also led to the seizure of vests and inner tubes intended to be used in illegal immigration, the statement added.

seven sub-Saharan African migrants drowned after a boat accident off ’s coast, and 70 others were rescued by a coast guard of the Moroccan Royal Navy.

Morocco has become a hub for African migrants seeking to reach Europe.

Thousands of migrants try to flee poverty and unrest in each year Morocco to Europe, either by land or by sea.

A report by the Spanish Interior Ministry illegal immigration in 2019 said a total of 19,604 migrants had illegally reached the Spanish coasts as of Oct. 14, 2019 against 43,467 migrants during the same period in 2018 which witnessed a drop of 54.9 per cent.