Mother narrates how 17-year-old son impregnated his younger sister

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Residents of a community in Keana Local Area, State were in shock recently the revelation a 15-year- teenager became pregnant for her elder brother.

, indeed, has become nothing but drudgery for Mrs Margret Audu and her 17-year- son Joseph for who younger sister, Maria Audu, is three months pregnant.

While they are indigenes of Keana Local Area, State, they are all based in Lafia, the state capital, where they visit their village time to time to help some farm work and other necessities.

At her base in Lafia, Mrs Audu does not only work the state as a primary school teacher, she also runs a provision store in Lafia. The provision store is managed by her and her after school hours.

She had lost her in one of the herdsmen attacks on farmers in the southern part of the state in 2018 while her , Pius Audu, a retired local government official, was attacked and slaughtered by the herdsmen while he was relaxing in his at the village.

Before his untimely death, however, He had four his marriage with Margaret, of which Joseph was the first born while Maria was the second. The latter had completed secondary school at the age of 17 while Maria completed JSS3 and at the age of 15 and was preparing to become an SS1 student in January 2021.

With full of schools in State after the long break impelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs Audu, like other government workers in the state, was making serious efforts to meet up with the target set for them by the state government, namely, completing school calendar within the year.

In the circumstance, she hit on the idea of sending Joseph and Maria, his immediate younger sister, to the village to the village, so they would help in harvesting the guinea-corn and beneseed were ripe to avoid a situation where they would be destroyed by herdsmen.

Without any hesitation, Joseph and Maria relocated to Keana after completing their exams only for their mother to find Maria was pregnant barely two months after they relocated,

Expressing her shock in a chat with our correspondent, Mrs Audu said “I am distressed, that my own daughter is pregnant for my son. Their father is not alive. Some herdsmen killed him in early 2018 in Keana, I don’t know how to handle this matter. “They completed their exams and I asked them to go to the village to harvest some of our crops since I was busy with work in Lafia and I knew that very soon, herdsmen would start their cattle.

“Both of them had been in the village with my late ’s relatives who were there to provide cover and protection for them, though they were coming to Lafia regularly to pick certain needs and I was also visiting them every weekend to help and encourage them.

“But last weekend, I visited them in the village and discovered that my daughter’s breasts had grown bigger and she was showing other signs of pregnancy. I them asked the two of them to follow me to Lafia.

“On getting to Lafia, I took her to a where a pregnancy test was conducted on her and the result showed that she was pregnant. “I asked her who was for her pregnancy and she shockingly told me that she had not seen her period for two months, which meant she was pregnant and my son and first born, Joe, was for it.

“They are my biological . I only asked them to relocate to the village to help in farm work since were destroying our crops. I never expected that a brother and sister would start an affair.

“Maria confessed to me that Joe was for her pregnancy.”

She expressed disappointment at her children’s behavior, saying: “It would have been better for Joe to tell me that he wanted to married or look for a girlfriend to satisfy his urge instead of going into love affair with his immediate younger sister.

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