Mother of South Korean ferry accident victim sues the state

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SEOUL – The of a -aged victim of the April ferry disaster in is suing the and the ferry operator for damages, local reported on Friday.

Sought in the suit are 21,700 dollars, but the sum could rise to as much as 20 times that amount if proceedings under way.

The argues the authorities share in the disaster because they did not properly monitor the Sewol shipping company.

She further states that the ferry’ operator neglected the crews’ training.

“It is clear that I have gone through unbearable mental suffering after my son abruptly died on a excursion,’’ the Yonhap news agency quoted her as saying.

Further lawsuits from other bereaved relatives are expected.

Believed by authorities to have been overloaded, the Sewol sank on April 16 carrying 476 passengers, mostly children.

At least 292 lives were lost, and 12 people are still .

Earlier this month, the trial of the captain, two officers and the head engineer began in the south-western Korean of Kwangju.

They are accused of having done nothing to rescue the passengers, and could face the penalty if found guilty. (dpa/NAN)