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Movie producer advocates corruption free industry


LAGOS, – A Nollywood movie producer, Mr Aquila Njama, on Friday called on stakeholders in the entertainment industry to complement the government’s effort at fighting corruption in the sector.
Njama told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that there was an urgent need for the practitioners to understand the importance of the campaign against corruption.
The producer said the industry possessed so much power that people could be misled into believing that only those with corrupt tendencies could become successful.
“The culture of corruption can better be fought if we begin to re-educate ourselves, dedicate ourselves to service and change the role models we aspire to be like.
“Nollywood as a veritable tool in this regard and needs to discourage the act of corruption by ensuring that heroes in movies are those who do not have money but possess integrity.
“In our movies for instance, the hero is the politician that end up killing anybody who aspires for the same position to be the lone competitor and this should not be the case,’’ he said.
He said that the effort of the government in fighting against piracy in the country was commendable and should be complemented by proactive effort from professionals in the industry.
“Piracy is a division of corruption and an obstacle that is obstructing the growth of our business.
“For entertainment industry to grow, the issue of piracy needs to be addressed,’’ he said.
Njama said that the sector was a multi-billion Naira industry that would continue to boost the nation`s economy if it was well harnessed. (NAN)

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