Murdered son of former German president buried in Berlin

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former German president, Richard Von-Weizsaecker
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Berlin – Fritz Von-Weizsaecker, the son of a former German president, was buried in Berlin on Monday after being murdered during a lecture at a hospital in November.
Von-Weizsaecker was a senior doctor, who was giving a lecture at the psychiatric wing of Berlin’s Schlosspark Hospital on Nov. 19 when he was stabbed by a man from the auditorium.
He later died at the scene.
One other man, thought to be an off-duty police officer, who had been in the auditorium, was seriously injured in the attack after going to the victim’s aid.
Von-Weizsaecker had a long medical career and was an internal medicine specialist, according to the hospital website.

His lecture had been on fatty liver disease, the site said.
His father, Richard Von-Weizsaecker, was mayor of Berlin from 1981 to 1984, and president of Germany from 1984 to 1994. He died in 2015.
The funeral was widely attended and many paid their respects as the coffin was brought to the graveyard, where Von-Weizsaecker was buried alongside his father.
According to the public prosecutor, the man who stabbed Von-Weizsaecker was mentally ill.

He is currently being investigated for murder.


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