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Musician advises artistes on positive use of talents


By Justina David Auta


Abuja   –    A gospel musician, Mr Emmanuel Tabat, popularly called “Tabat,” has urged artists to use their talent to impact the society positively.

Tabat, who is also a medical practitioner, gave this advise, while speaking on his new song, “Dear Heart,’’ in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

He davised that they should work towards transforming the society positively and not just for the monetary benefit.

“ Music is defined as a universal language and as such it cuts across religion, race and any barrier you can think of.

“So, there is the need for all music artists, particularly those in the gospel industry, they should not only preach it, but live it too so that they mentor other people in the society towards living right.

“ Our work should play a vital role towards transforming the society positively by using the music vehicle to preach messages that would further promote peace, unity and good morals in the society,’’ he said.

Tabat said his music is aimed at re-awakening human consciousness and transforming the negative ills in the society.

He said the song targets both the young and old across all races and religions to raise human consciousness on the need to live a holy life within the teachings of the Holy book.

He decried the increase in moral decadence and criminal activities in the country, and called for positive attitudes that would aid in transforming the society.

“ Instead of contributing to the ills in the society, God can use you to make the world more beautiful and no matter how far you think you have gone in such acts, you can never be too far enough for God.’’

Tabat stressed the need for youths not to relent or allow challenges to affect their zeal in achieving successes; rather, they should continue to strive towards success.

“Let us try to work on ourselves with God’s help and make our country better.

“Go to school , engage in business or any vocational work that will generate money for you; do something productive and do not while away your time and life,’’ he stressed.

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