Musician says folklore songs reflect tradition

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LAGOS – A folklore musician, Segun Akinlolu, popularly known as Beautiful Nubia, Wednesday said enjoyed folklore songs because it reflects our tradition.

Akinlolu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos it only an honest music would copy other culture and tradition.

“It reflects the problems in our , the challenges we face every day and what we are getting right.

“My music is a natural music, done in a different way, which is contemporary way.

“I try to teach through the music the for to be honest, hard working, good neighbourliness, sincerity, love and protecting one another. I sing for societal change,” he said.

He explained his songs also covered the ancient wisdom and philosophy of the people and how they lived a clean life.

“It is about the wisdom of all Africa that I collected people and put it into song and let people hear what we have to preach,” he said.

The musician said that the crass form of capitalism and ineffective borrowed models had hampered in Nigeria and Africa.

He argued that it had created several generations of increasingly corrupt minds and an environment in which everyone grabbed for himself and cared for no one.

He said: “Our music is a tool of mass sensitisation. Listen, reflect and take action. Change will come when the people are ready.

“Africa’ biggest challenge is material ; it is of character, workable home grown ideas, dearth of community and creative .”

Akinlolu said that it the kind of that ensured that people never rose out of their lowly state and thus continued to be exploited by their internal and external abusers.

Akinlolu has nine albums to his