Muslims, Christians, foreigners in Abuja celebrate Easter with pomp

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ABUJA – Christians, Muslims and foreigners resident in Federal Capital Territory thronged the Magic Land Amusement Park, near the City Gate to celebrate Easter in splendour with friends and loved ones.

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In a separate interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja, the fun seekers said the season called for the expression and show of love and togetherness with neighbours, friends, and family regardless of their religious backgrounds.

They were of the feeling that the atmosphere of togetherness would erase the misconception that Christians and Muslims cannot live in harmony.

Malama Abdukadiri, a Muslim woman, who was to the park with her three children, said they were there to have fun in the spirit of Easter.

“I am a Muslim, but in the spirit of the Easter Day celebration, I decided to bring my children to play and have fun in the park,’’ she said.

She said being a Christian festive period, did not mean that she should not celebrate with Christian in the spirit of peace and oneness.

Mrs Aisha Ahamdu, another fun seeker, told NAN that to her mind, it not a sin for children to come together to play and have fun.

Ahmadu, a Muslim, who was at the park with her four children, said the togetherness between Muslims and Christians would foster peace, love, and harmony in the country.

She added that it will allow her children to relate with other children.

“It is not good for children to be alone at home, because it could be boring; but coming out to see and play with other children would make them happy and learn.

“As you can see, everybody in the park is having fun and my children are not left out; we thank God for everything,’’ she said.

Mr Orji Okafor, a motor spare parts dealer, said Easter was the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind.

He noted that because Easter symbolises love and sacrifice for one another, it is not out of place for people to be happy and to celebrate.

“I believe it is just a matter of time and everything will be okay in this country; and people would be happier.

“However the situation now, I want Nigerians to thank God for everything, because it could have been worse, but thank God we are still alive,’’ he said.

Adem Abdallah, a Turkish citizen, told NAN that he was at the Park with his wife and two children to have fun and enjoy themselves.

He said the park, decorated and festooned a variety of playthings for children, was good enough for them to have a wonderful celebration.

“That is why I brought my family here; and as you can see, we are having a good time with other people in the park.’’

Zuberu Khan, an Indian also said that he was at the park with his son to have a good time.

Khan said that the public holiday had given him the opportunity to bring his son to the park.

“This celebration is good; we are having a good time in this wonderful park; I love it.’’

Mean while, Malam Yahaya Idris, Manager of Arewa Suya Spot in the park said that business was thriving although not like during other festive periods such as Christmas and New Year.

“I believe by the time the budget implementation commences there will be improvement and many people will patronise us in subsequent celebrations,’’ he said.

Tunji Segun, a photographer at the park said that, patronage was high but not as he had expected.

He said he was able to make brisk business at the park since the festive period began. (NAN)

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