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My Fiancee Is My Dad, I Only Knew After We Picked A Wedding Date, What Should I Do? I am 35 Already


This life can be refreshing some times but another time it can be very frustrating.

Just when you think everything has already fallen into places, you’ll just discover that there is a hurdle left for you to climb before you get to where you’re going to.

That was exactly what happened in the case of the story of this lady who needs everyone’s advice on.

Her message goes this way:

Please, I want to hear people advice on this matter.

This was what happened.

Age is actually not on my side anymore because I am currently 35.

You know what that means for a typical Nigerian lady. I face a lot of pressure every day from virtually everyone who knows and sees me.

The first question they always ask is “Freda, when are you getting married?”

My mom is the worst of all, every day she calls me before the conversation ends she must ask me about marriage.

All this pressure was what motivated me to start a relationship with a 54 years old CEO who was my former manager at my first job when I arrived Lagos then.

Now, when we met some few months ago after 5 years at the airport, we exchanged contacts and started talking again.

Since then our love has been unstoppable. We bonded so well, although he’s 19 years older it didn’t feel like the difference between us was that much.

I have always asked my mom about my dad but she will never reveal his whereabouts to me. She will always tell me to ‘forget that man’. And I respect her so much so I will always yield.

But this time around, I told my mom that I and my fiancee have decided to marry in the next 2 months. I told her the date we agreed.

I also told her that before then I will bring Mike once he arrives in Nigeria because he currently resides in Canada.

Last week I took Mike home then the issue surfaced. Alas, I brought my Dad home to be married to!

I was at first embarrassed but later when I remembered all the love and everything, I don’t even know what to do.

My mom said I must not go ahead, but I love him. I know I am currently not in the right state. Considering my age where do I want to start from?

Please help me. Please, I need your advice, it is urgent!!! Thanks!

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