“My Friend FEM” – Davido Tells Former Presidential Candidate, Adamu Garba for Threatening to Sue Twitter CEO

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A former candidate, Adamu Garba has been to shut his mouth by musician Davido after he threatened to sue CEO, Jack Dorsey over #EndSARS tweet.

Davido took to and told Garba to ‘Fem’.

Garba tweet reads:

Dear @jack, ’ll do you a lot more good if you stay away from Politics. You should know that the so-called #EndSARS have transformed into political agitation, capable of law & order in our country. You should not be a moral & financial sponsor to this.

This is , most of the demands initially presented attended to by the authorities. longer exist in this country. Your support for a disbanded entity a needless interference. We cannot allow killings again in in the name of .

can see you are even sharing a link for people to donate money for this , an event capable of escalation beyond our already overstretched security management. If this continued to evolved into disorder (hopefully not). As a citizen, we’ll meet in .

In reply, Davido wrote,

“My friend, fem”.