My Heart Has Been Broken More Than 999 Times – Actress, Evia Simon Speaks About Her Life

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There is no doubt at all , Evia Simon, the voluptuously beautiful Nollywood actress, has come a long way in the movie industry.

She started acting in 2007 but officially began her journey in Nollywood in 2011. She’s an actress as well as a producer. Some her films include; Child Bride, Unbreak and Mind’s Eye.

She has seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides Nollywood and she bares it all in this interview with AYO


Challenges are part our daily life’s routine. I have faced a lot challenges in the industry since I started acting.

I have had to face a senior female colleague who insulted me for doing nothing on a location. I have had to hear a voice-note of a senior colleague who denied me after she introduced me just because she felt intimidated.

I have escaped accidents from jealous colleagues severally. I have also, at different times, being propositioned for sex for a role by a director or a producer. Another annoying challenge in the beginning is the belief by some directors they are doing you a favour and paying you for your . But in all, man is God. There is always time and for every one

Low points

My low point is trying to prove a point to a director or a producer I can do this because most of them feel if they haven’t seen you act they find it difficult to believe you can give your best. I have learnt so much, which is believing in yourself and never giving up, no matter the countless times you have to go on and on to get what you really from the career you have chosen.

On sex

Well, sex is sex, and having sex outside marriage is a sin against God because our body is the temple of God. We are supposed to have sex before marriage. But it’s better having it with someone you love and care about.


Relationships are sweet when you and your partner understand each other. Being there for each other, knowing each other’s likes and dislikes and not taking advantage of each other.

On marriage

The word “marriage” is big because it’s a you never graduate from. It’s where two people come together to form a union as husband and wife to become one. So many go into marriage for many reasons which I find very annoying and improper and they end up breaking up after six months. Don’t get married if you are not mentally and spiritually ready for it; if you can’t trust, forgive, learn,

understand and make amends. But marriage is sweet if you get to marry your friend , your gist and gossip partner. A lot of are waiting for marriage to get of poverty which is very wrong.

On being sexy

Being sexy to me is how intelligent a appears to be; smart, elegant and outspoken. You can be sexy in your body and be a dumb ass. And if you to flaunt your sexiness make sure you are very intelligent and smart to compliment it

On media

media has been the greatest tool to the success of my career. Gone are the days when media was not in use and your works were only seen by certain people. But now media is a platform to reach millions of people around the world without moving a muscle.

Embarrassing moments

My most embarrassing moment is when you are being cast for a role and some other actors come to lobby with money or their body to get the role and you are being pushed of the job. It is so embarrassing because you might have already announced to your friends you are starting the job. Another embarrassing experience was when a senior colleague insulted me and said to me I could never grow in the industry. If you ask her what I did wrong she’s got nothing to say. She even threatened to leave the set if I was allowed to remain.

Turn-on in opposite sex

What turns me on in a man is his generosity. Not just to me but to everyone around him; near or far. What turns me in a man is laziness and someone who doesn’t care about people but himself alone.


Leaving my business to suffer and travelling from state to state be the biggest sacrifice. Also, letting go of one of my most cherished relationships because he wants to get married to an actress.


My heart has been broken more than 999 times and in fact shattered severally. What I did was to build an unbreakable wall around me not to let my heart be broken again and if you can break the wall and penetrate through, then maybe you are the right person. I have also had my share of bad relationships, I have seen and met 999 wrong guys who think I am made, not knowing I am managing my life, hustling to survive.