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‘My Mother’s Fame Is Affecting My Breakthrough’ – Actress Bukky Wright’s Son, Ojayy


Budding Afro pop singer, Ojayy Wright has recently opened up how his mother, Bukky Wright fame influences his music career.

During his interview with Segun Adebayo, the second son of the actress was asked why he is considerd to be one of the most underrated acts in Nigeria.

“I think people are right to imagine that, so I would easily say they have every reason to think like that. But personally, I think it stemmed from the pressure to succeed my mother, who is an actress. So people just expect more from me”, he responded.

See excerpts from the interview below:

Don’t you think the pressure of being the son of Bukky Wright is weighing you down?

Well, you are right because it definitely affected my breakthrough a bit. As I said, people just expect more from me than the average person. But it isn’t weighing me down. I relish the challenge of being who I am and the position I have been put in.

At a point, it appeared you wanted to ride on the back of your mum’s success as a celebrated thespian.

I was never trying to ride anyone’s back. I am the son of Bukky Wright. People are always going to say this or that about me and I just had to learn to deal with it. I can’t hide who I am, especially if you have a parent as famous as mine. However, life has been good, I have been working on more music and movies.

One would expect that being the son of a celebrity would help your career and take you a step ahead of others. How much influence did her status have on your music career?

It has a decent amount of influence on my career. But again, it has its high and low moments, being famous before actually becoming famous can mess with your head. But I am sure at the end of the day, my last name will still work for me.

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