N-power: Signs That Batch A and B Volunteers May Exit Together

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The volunteers at NPower may have started counting days as days of exit draws near. The 500,000 beneficiaries of the federal government social investment program, have started thinking on what next about their continuous stay the program after the expiration of the First batch and when the second batch expire by July 2020.

In her address with the press by the presidency, it can be deduced that both Batch A and B may enjoy the exit plan together. It is correct that the two year contract of Batch A has expired prior to the general election, but the government of President having known the gravity of damage their exit will cause during that volatile period of election which might jeopardize his second term in asked the Batch A to move on until further notice. Having said that, the batch B period will come to an end by July this year.

So, we can insinuate that both batches may enjoy the exit plan simultaneously by July 2020