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N2m kola that began Mbaka’s romance with Uzodinma

Rev Fr. Mbaka

Your preachers cover up for the politicians by pretending to have received visions and special revelations. They say: “This is what God, the Master, says . . .” when God hasn’t said so much as one word. Ezekiel 22:28. The Message Translation.

This denunciation of fake prophets especially caught traction on social media after Father Ejike Mbaka at the beginning of the year proclaimed that the Supreme Court would replace Emeka Ihedioha with Hope Uzodinma as governor of Imo State.

While Mbaka was persistent in spite of the incongruity of the fourth-placed candidate achieving that feat, other so-called men of God openly dismissed him and his prophecy as fake.

The contention among the men of God easily brings to light the fact that the pulpit has been defiled as Prophet Ezekiel announced.

With Mbaka having won the battle of the prophets, does that mean the propriety of Mbaka’s prophecies?

Not surprisingly, many have found fault both with the message and the messenger.

Jesus, the author of the faith that Father Mbaka postulates, consistently told His followers to look at the root and not the fruit of ministry.

The relationship between Mbaka and Buhari was partly shaped by the discord the fiery priest had with President Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Patience.

Mbaka, according to his admission, had asked the then first lady for her telephone number on at least three occasions so that he could be giving her messages directly.

Mrs. Patience, however, refused. She apparently passed on the number of one of her close associates for Mbaka to be relating with, but the man of God was seriously displeased.

“When she (Dame Jonathan) came, I told her to give me her (mobile phone) number so that I could give her messages, but thrice, she refused.”

It was following that development that Father Mbaka who had before then backed Jonathan made a turnaround and gave his famous message of Jonathan failing in the 2015 election.

Again, ahead of the 2019 presidential election, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP vice-presidential candidate, Peter Obi had on December 3, 2018, visited Mbaka’s Adoration Ground for the ministry’s annual harvest.

Mbaka, had a well-reported falling out with Obi who refused to make a public announcement of his donation to the ministry.

Mbaka followed up with a curse saying: “In your capacity and what God has done for you as governor…God hates stinginess. What I am saying is not to please you, but what will save your life. Otherwise, you and Atiku will fail.

“If there is a place they will coat words for you, it is not at Mbaka’s altar. You can save your political destiny. Or, in 2019, you people will not even know how they did the election. What will make my brother to come for bazaar, and he won’t even break kola?”

The hot news of Mbaka’s rejection of Obi’s candidature for refusal to break kola masked another development that day.

President Muhammadu Buhari who was represented at the same ground by Senator Hope Uzodimma broke kola with N2 million.

Unlike the stingy Obi, Fr. Mbaka had good words for Uzodinma after the breaking of the kola.

That was the beginning of Uzodinma’s hope to win the election.

Responding to Uzodimma, Mbaka said:”Uzodimma would become the next governor by the grace of God.”

Even after Uzodimma came a distant fourth, Fr. Mbaka was unwavering in his prediction affirming that the election would be overturned in favour of Uzodimma at the Supreme Court.

At the beginning of the year, Mbaka had said:”In spite of all that would happen this 2020, there is hope. In Imo State, there is hope. Hope, hope, hope in Imo state!”

“God is coming with a new flag to restore the dignity of that noble land. A new leadership that will break barriers and there will be joy in the land of Imo.”

Remarkably, other Men of God who had become disposed to Ihedioha were quick to dismiss Mbaka, dismissing his prophecy as fake.

Even though Emeka Ihedioha came first in the election, his position had been questioned on the claim that he lacked the spread.

But the Supreme Court jurists apparently did not look the way of remedying the election with a run-off or whatever.

They were probably in sync with Mbaka. A new theory has now come out that the Mbaka’s prophecy was programmed to water the ground for the judgment.

Some who allude to this, ask why Mbaka’s prophecies are almost always tuned towards one political direction.

They also ask why is it that he does not raise issues that impact on the severe living conditions of Nigerians? Is he ignorant of the fact that Leah Sharibu has been kidnapped for almost two years? That Nigerians of all faiths, and mostly of his Christian faith in the North are in agony?

John the Baptist rebuked President Herod’s alliance with strange women. Jesus was also a torn in the flesh of President Herod who he regarded as a cheat famously telling off some presidential emissaries, “go tell that fox.” Luke 13:31,32.

Until Father Mbaka takes up the issues that directly affect the people, the insecurity, the corruption, the marginalization of his people, his prophecies would continue to rest in the realm of political controversy. (Vanguard)

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