National Assembly Passes 2021 Budget, Raises It By N505bn

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2021 sent to by Buhari has been passed.

However, before passing , raised it from N13.082 trillion to N13.588 trillion.

This is an increase of N505 billion from proposed figures presented by executive.

Buhari had submitted a N13.082 trillion to a joint session of the on October 8th, 2020.

The 2021 budget is christened the budget of economic recovery and resilience aimed at accelerating the pace of Nigerian economic recovery, diversification, enhance competitiveness, and ensure social inclusion.

The are sticking to the 40 dollar per barrel benchmark price of crude but is asking President Buhari to send a supplementary budget because of the increase in in the international which is hovering between 47-50 dollars per barrel.

This supplementary budget is expected to fund critical areas in the country.

Key assumptions in the 2021 budget include:

Statutory transfer- N496.528 billion

Recurrent expenditure- N5.641 trillion

Capital expenditure- N4.125 trillion

Debt servicing- N3.324 trillion

growth rate – 3.00%

to follow…