National development: group urges Christians to unite and move Nigeria forward

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By Oladele Eniola

Lagos – Mr Bosun Emmanuel,  the Coordinator of Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) has urged Christians in the country to unite in order to move the nation forward.

Emmanuel said this on Wednesday during a news conference held at Onigbagbo House, Bola Memorial Anglican Church, Onigbongbo in Lagos.

He noted that the churches  had not been  playing the role of moral conscience that was supposed to guide the nation in its activities.

“Christians in all corners of the country must unite so as to move the country forward. In order to make that happen, we must put our house in order but sadly, that has not been the case,” he said.

He alleged  that elections into leadership  positions in  churches  were  usually marred by rigging through vote buying and flagrant violation of their  constitutions.

“Should a church that violates truth and righteousness expect truth and righteousness from non – Christians?

“Do Nigerian Christians have  the right to complain about evil in the country in view of corruption they condone within their  churches?

“ Churches are   supposed to be the moral conscience of the country but Christians are defaulting in this matter; so how do we expect to have a positive change.

“Unless  the  church  begins to retrace her steps, worse days lie ahead,” Emmanuel said.

He  also alleged that some of those who called themselves  Christians  and occupying  high positionsc in the society were corrupt and not organized for political leadership.

“They cannot have the drive to give the country the change it truly desires because of their mindsets.

“If sinners are the only ones guilty of corruption and immorality, the Church will  have stood in  a good position to intercede for the land. Unfortunately, there is   abundant evidence that the church is entangled in the same iniquities.

“Christians are not organised for political leadership so they cannot promote democracy that can translate into justice, equality and fairness in the country,” Emmanuel said.

He urged Christian leaders in the country to work together and join other denominations to proffer solutions to the challenges the country us facing.

“There is the  urgent need for Christian leaders to close ranks as it is clear that unless this is done, the approaching ominous clouds will spare no one whatever the connection,” Emmanuel said.


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