Natty is alive, says AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima saved his liffe

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I am very much alive” Mr. Romanus Amuta popularly known as natty from evergreen sitcom of 80’ masquerade cries after a blogger Julia Blaise began to circulate news of his death. While speaking with Television live in Enugu, comic actor praised president of Actors Guild of Ibinabo Fiberesima for to his rescue.

In his words he said “Ada’m, Ada di ora nma, only God will reward you for saving my life. You have showed me that there is God. Anybody that says you are not working is not well. As you have saved my life, God will continue to preserve you. “You brought me to this kind of big hospital, paid everything, still gave me and my family extra money and still you have bought stuff for me that doctor said I should be eating, only God can reward you, you have given me hope, I am free”

In a moment of inspiration president Ibinabo Fiberesima held hands with family to pray and thank God for providing a president like Dr. Goodluck Jonathan that loves and provided the benevolence that has made possible AGN’ dream of taking care of its that are sick.
Mrs. Amuta, overwhelmed by the love and kindness of the publicity shy president Ibinabo Fiberesima amidst tears said “You have showed me today that God is a human being, he is a woman and her name is Ibinabo. Madam thank you, Television please help me to tell the world the good things this beautiful woman has done for me and my family. Anybody that speaks ill of madam will incur the wrath of God, my is alive and will get better, God has used madam Ibinabo to bless me, Thank You Lord”. 
Ibinabo’ only comment which she managed to squeeze through her tear-clouded eyes is a blessing to me that God has given me a platform through which i can show forth his goodness. I will only encourage people to come on board and join the health scheme that the guild has secured for its ”.