-NBA President wants FG to dialogue with Boko Haram insurgents

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ABUJA –  Mr Okey Wali, the , Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), on Thursday the Federal Government engage Boko Haram insurgents in dialogue achieve meaningful and progress in .

Wali said this in Abuja during a valedictory session of the Supreme in honour of the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa.

He said that there was need engage the insurgents facilitate truth and reconciliation that would stop the intransigence of the group, leading the much desired .

“Like they say, issues are better discussed unresolved resolved un-discussed; too many issues are begging be addressed and we keep shutting our eyes the obvious.

“This is why the NBA has continued to advise that the engages the insurgents and never let-off because of the intransigence of the insurgents.

“That way, we will most probably get to the bottom of the matter,’’ Wali, a Senior Advocate of (SAN) said.

He observed that there existed three Boko Harams – the political Boko Haram, the religious Boko Haram and the criminal Boko Haram.

Wali said that government needed to find out by engaging the insurgents, what was their ideology and who were the proponents of the ideology.

Citing global instances of how such engagement worked, Wali said that the Obama administration in the U.S. exchanged five Guantanamo Bay detainees for one American Sergeant.

He said that took the 1998 Good Agreement which was brokered by then British , Tony Blair to resolve the Ireland Revolution Army (IRA), insurgency in the .

Wali said that notwithstanding some sentiments against engaging the insurgents, engagement of the insurgents was a sensible option.

The NBA said that this was desirable, especially in efforts to rescue the kidnapped girls.

“Everyday, the girls and other are away from their and are somewhere nobody knows, that is hellish for the girls and their ,’’ he said. (NAN)