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NCC wants states to partner telecom providers in infrastructure devt.


Abuja- Mr Tony Ojobo, the Director Public Affairs, Nigeria Communications Commission on Friday called on state governments to partner telecom operators in their states to provide telecom infrastructure.

Ojobo made the appeal during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

According to Ojobo, the problem of infrastructure is the major challenge confronting operators in the country.

“The point we have actually made is that the infrastructure requirement is huge. For instance now in Abuja in the past seven years, there hasn’t been any approval for a new base station.

“The population keeps increasing; the number of subscribers is increasing. Now, it is the same infrastructure we had seven years ago, that’s what we have now.

“The FCT is not giving approval for new base stations and you need those base stations round the city to have total city coverage.

“That’s the same thing we have in other states of the federation where we are also having challenges with governors in terms of getting approvals for sites and also approval for sites for base stations.

“So what the commission has done under our ministry, that is the ministry of communication, is to see how the governors can be engaged through the platform of the National Economic Council that has all the governors there.“

The director said that the Minister of Communications Technology, Mrs Omobola Johnson, had made a presentation to the governors on the negative effect of not rolling out infrastructure.

Ojobo added that lack of infrastructure actually was responsible for the poor quality of service and that states could benefit from roll out of infrastructure by collecting taxes from operators.

“In terms of rolling out infrastructure, that actually is contributing to poor quality of service and is also slowing down development.

“The situation now is should we allow the infrastructure on ground and then you can now take tax from the businesses that are generated.

“It has been proved that for every 10 per cent increase in penetration of broadband, for instance, there is a 1.38 per cent increase in GDP.

“GDP is talking about the gross domestic product which arises from the level of business that is being done.

“So, states actually can increase their GDPs, if they open up their states to ICT; so, the quality of service issue is that the infrastructure is inadequate.“

Ojobo, therefore, called on all state governors to help remove the bottlenecks impeding infrastructure provision to ensure improved service delivery in the telecom industry. (NAN)

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