NDDC: Nunieh had 4 other husbands, she needs to see a doctor for her flawed character — Akpabio

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Goodwill Akpabio and Joy Nunieh

ABUJA – Minister Niger Affairs, Godswill Akpabio, has responded many accusations by former Director Niger Development Commission, Joy Nunieh.

Akpabio was quoted as having spoken on a television the weekend.

This was after Nunieh accused him several financial infractions.

Akpabio, was at the hearing of a Committee probing the Interim Management Committee, which Nunieh headed, had said at the National Assembly that he was not privy the workings of the Interim Management Committee (IMC).

It was after the hearing that Nunieh accused him of several infractions.

Akpabio was, however, quoted have said Nunieh’s character is flawed and she is temperamental.

He was quoted as having said: “I do not want to discuss her because that is not the job of a Minister.

“The last MD you mentioned, Joy Nunieh, I wish she can go to hospital, see a doctor, take some injections and relax.

“I am not saying that there is something wrong her, but I am saying there is something wrong her temperament.

“Remember she had about four other husbands that she married.

“You also need to bring all the other former husbands to the studio so that you ask them questions one after the other because it looks like character.

“They will have answers to her problem.

“They will tell you about her character because what I am seeing here…if somebody comes up and say something on television channel…then the whole world… love bad news and my job is to protect the citizens of the country and the administration of Mr. President.

“I must tell you that even Mr. President, President Muhammadu Buhari, was not aware of all these things because I did not want to bother him because he will be shocked.

“She was not relieved of her appointment because of corruption, but she was relieved of her appointment because of insubordination.

“My Ministry that supervised her wrote seven letters to her.

“She never responded.

“And then she said she was bigger than the Minister of Niger .” (TheEagleonline)