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Ndigbo in Lagos APC urges Tinubu, party leadership, to wade into group’s issues


LAGOS- The Conference of 57 Chairmen, an executive group of Ndigbo in Lagos State  APC has  urged the party leadership and Sen. Bola Tinubu to privately investigate those creating distractions amongst them.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Conference 57 Chairmen is a body of all the 20 Local Government Areas and 37 Local Government Development Areas harmonised Chairmèn of Ndigbo in APC Lagos state.

Conference 57 Chairmen came in place after proper harmonisation of all the five  Igbo political groups in Lagos state APC – Coalition, Igbo Vision, South East, Anioma and Mandate.  They came together three years ago to form what is today known as Ndigbo in APC Lagos state, under the Apex leadership of Mr Joe Igbokwe.

Addressing newsmen on Thursday in Lagos, Chairman of the group, Mr
Chima -Davis Ukwandu said that lately, there had  been distractions by some members of the Ndigbo in the APC in Lagos state, and  that the party leadership in the state must investigate the situation.

Ukwandu alleged that there seemed to be compromise by a few disgruntled members of the group that must be looked into so as not to affect the group’s focus on rallying support from Igbos in Lagos state for the APC presidential candidate, Tinubu.

“We shall hold these detractors accountable for any negative consequences of these actions. We call on our sincere party leaders and our leader, the Jagaban himself, to quickly commission or carry out a private investigation on the intents
or the remote motives of these characters.

” We sincerely doubt their
faithfulness to the cause of our great party’s victory come 2023 general elections.

“We in Conference 57 Chairmen, as the grassroot based Ndigbo in APC Lagos state, and as the electoral votes melting point, our ears are on ground to hear all
things. There seems to be great compromises in the air (not all in Rome are Romans).

“We earnestly request for independent investigators on the cause of these
actions, we believe there may have been a high level of compromise across
board to cause cold feelings among lgbo partisanship that threatens to affect our togetherness as one body,”

According to him, we will not allow this to stand, our highly laboured grassroot members should not be distracted or discouraged at this point of our political history.

“At this point, what should be in the mind of any faithful party man is how to
ensure adequate mobilisation and maximising votes returns, our focus should be how to win election and not money.

*We should be talking on what unites us, than who will control Igbo campaign
materials If indeed you are a true and faithful party man, you should be losing sleep than this selfish desires of
material things.

“The question on the lips of everyone today is why now? What went wrong? Why suddenly create division five months to the elections? What did you see now that you didn’t see before?..”

Ukwandu reiterated the group’s support for its apex leadership, Igbokwe and its State Coordinator, Eze Uche Dimgba, pointing out that the group had passed a vote of confidence on the duo.

“We hereby state unequivocally, our unwavering loyalty and support for their
leadership. It is our sure secured way for

“Our collective resolve to ensure victory of our great party in the forthcoming
elections should not be taken for granted. We know leaders that mean well for
Ndigbo and our great party, the  APC.”

He, however, reassured of the group’s commitment to continuing to rally grassroot support for the APC in 2023. (NAN)