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Ndi’Igbo, Time for Pragmatism Is Now


By Samuel Ajayi

(Caveat: this may not go well with some of my friends here, but I equally owe them this for record purposes)

I am NOT against self-determination by any group. It is a legitimate human right. Also, that does NOT mean I am for or against Biafra agitation. However, I want my Igbo brothers and sisters to note certain ‘unpalatable facts’: 

* Until Biafra becomes a reality and is a recognised state with its own armed forces, immigration services, currency, foreign service, civil service and so on, the area currently being described as Biafra by Nnamdi Kanu and his followers is still part and parcel of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA!  

* Every Igbo man and woman traveling to any part of the world STILL carries the green passport of that same Federal Republic of Nigeria. They are recognised as NIGERIAN CITIZENS.

*In every part of that same ‘Biafra’, the means of transaction (legal tender) is also STILL the NAIRA. That’s the currency of that same Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

*As at today, all water ways in that Biafra land are owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

*That same Federal Republic of Nigeria reserves the right to maintain law and order in the area being referred to as Biafra. 


Having said all this, no government in the world,  even if it is headed by a MORON, IDIOT,  NINCOMPOOP or IMBECILE (or NNAMDI KANU HIMSELF) will allow same Nnamdi Kanu to continue with what he is doing in the name of agitation for self-determination. 

There are certain things I cannot write here but intelligence reports indicated that something had to be done. AND DONE FAST! 

My dear Igbo brothers and sisters, war is bad but is WORSE if it is being fought in your BACKYARD. 

Also, in terms of investment and businesses, no tribe has ONE TENTH of what Igbos have outside the so-called Biafra land. May God continue to bless the work of your hand. 


It is better to let REASON prevail rather than raw EMOTIONS!

*Source: Facebook

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