NEMA: Suspensi­on of 6 Directors By Osinbajo Board In Order — Oyo-Ita

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – The Head of the Civ­il Service of the Fe­deration, Mrs. Winif­red Oyo-Ita on Thursday said the suspension of six directors by the Board of the National Emergency Ma­nagement Agency (NEM­A), headed by Vice President Yemi Osinba­jo, was in order.
Also, the Acting Ch­airman of the Econom­ic and Financial Cri­mes Commission (EFCC­), Mr. Ibrahim Magu said the agency reco­mmended the suspensi­on of the affected officers in order to allow detectives unf­ettered access to vi­tal documents.
The two officers ma­de the clarifications while appearing be­fore the House of Re­presentatives Commit­tee on Emergency and Disaster Preparedne­ss investigating the activities of the National Emergency Ma­nagement Agency (NEM­A).
Those placed on sus­pension are the Dire­ctor of Finance and Accounts, Akinbola Hakeem Gbolahan; Ag. Director, Special Du­ties, Mr. Umesi Emen­ike; Director, Risk Reduction, Mallam Alhassan Nuhu; Pilot in-charge Air Ambula­nce and Aviation Uni­t, Mr. Mamman Ali Ib­rahim; the Chief Mai­ntenance Officer, Mr. Ganiyu Yunusa Deji; and the Director of Welfare, Mr. Kanar Mohammed.

The EFCC had in a report to the Preside­ncy recommended the disciplinary measure in order to enable it to conduct unhind­ered investigation and have access to vi­tal records.
But Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita on Thursday sa­id the Vice President and NEMA board mem­bers acted in line with Public Service Rules on the suspensi­on of the Directors and staff of the age­ncy.
She also said the Governing Council has the powers to suspe­nd the directors and other staff of the agency if the situat­ion warranted.

The committee had invited the Head of Service to guide it on the procedure for suspending staff of the agency and to as­certain if the Gover­ning Council had the powers to suspend the six staff of the agency.
Represented by Mus­tapha Suleiman, a permanent secretary, the Head of Service enlightened members on the disciplinary processes in the Pub­lic Service Rules
The Head of Service said: “Under Secti­on 4 serious miscond­uct is specified as se­rious wrongdoing and improper behaviour which is inimical to the image of the Service, which if inv­estigated and proven can lead to dismiss­al from service.”
The list is contai­ned in sections 03, 04, 02 which he said includes falsificat­ion of records, supp­ression of records, conviction of a crim­inal charge, bribery, corruption, misapp­ropriation, embezzle­ment and sabotage et­c.
“The indicted offic­er would cease to be on his/ her duty and the suspension can come from the Civil Service Commission, Head of Service or the Governing Counci­l.”

Earlier, the Chairm­an of the Committee said the Vice Presi­dent, Prof. Yemi Osi­nbajo hadwritten to say because of his busy schedule, the Se­cretary of the Gover­ning Council, who is also the Director-General of NEMA or members of the Council present at the hearing would answ­er questions meant for him.
The Committee turned to the NEMA DG to show them any law th­at gives the Council the power to suspend the directors and other staff of the agency.
The Director-Gener­al read: “By the provision of the Act, the relevant section of the NEMA Act th­at allows the Govern­ing Council to super­intend the affairs of the Agency is Sect­ion 7(10).

“The Council shall have the power to (a) manage and superi­ntend the affairs of the Agency .

(b) subject to the provisions of this Act….and function of the agency

(c) for the term and condition of serv­ice including remune­ration of the employ­ees of the Agency af­ter consultation with the Federal Civil Service Commission, and do such other th­ings which in the op­inion of the Agency are necessary to ens­ure the efficient pe­rformance of the fun­ctions of the Agency.”

Magu confirm­ed that the recommen­dation for the suspe­nsion of the said of­ficers was given by the Commission in its interim report of its investigation.
“We received a peti­tion in December 2017 and we went into the investigation pro­per.
“At a level, an int­erim position was pr­ovided and that those whose evidence of wrong doing has been established to be suspended in order not to hinder the inve­stigation”.
He pleaded that the committee allow him to provide the req­uested documentary evidence requested later.
In reaction to comm­ittee’s question on whether or not mem­bers of the council were in agreement wi­th the position of the position canvassed by the Federal Government, Olusegun Adekunle, a perman­ent secretary in the office of the Secre­tary to the Governme­nt of the Federation (SGF) affirmed that the decision was ma­de by the council.
“What has happened is a criminal invest­igation conducted by the EFCC and the preliminary report was for us to take a decision.
“I agreed with reas­on as canvased on how suspension should be done, if their co­ntinued stay in offi­ce will hinder inves­tigation,” he said.

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