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Nengi splashes 17 million on bum tatoo


Nengi Hamspon, a former contestant on the reality TV show Big Brother Naija, has sparked a wave of emotions among social media users with her recent tattoo update.

Nengi reportedly spent 17 million Naira on the bum tattoo.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Nengi shared a photo of her new tattoo, a vibrant floral design, which was inked on one cheek of her derriere.

Accompanying the photo was a time-lapse video, showcasing the London tattoo artist at work.

The news quickly spread across social media platforms, with many users expressing their thoughts on Nengi’s new tattoo.

One user, jessicaakhan, commented on the audacity of displaying one’s body in such a manner.

She expressed discomfort at the idea of having a tattoo artist working on her bum.

On the other hand, ms_hauwanatu admired Nengi’s freedom to do as she pleases and praised her intelligence.

precious.onoh_ took a neutral stance, stating that it is Nengi’s life and her decision to spend her money as she wishes.

She humorously added that she is still on the lookout for someone to give her N17 million.

_scarlett_avery compared Nengi’s tattoo to that of American rapper Cardi B, while onyinyenzelu questioned the responsibility of a woman who would spend such a large sum of money on a tattoo.

joy_prosper and herroyalmajesty_labby also drew similarities to Cardi B and appreciated the beauty of the tattoo. Finally, itsonyekachigbo speculated that Nengi might be covering something up with the tattoo.

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