NERC Fails To Explain N2bn Contract Proposal

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Chairman Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Prof. James Momoh, on Wednesday, failed to tell total cost demarcating and renovating the commission’ headquarters in spite N2bn was proposed for completion the project in 2021.

Momoh could not tell the Committee on the sum, when he appeared before the lawmakers to defend the budget proposed by NERC for next year.

The committee, consequently, threatened to delete the line item the commission’ proposal if full details of the were not provided.

The Chairman of the committee, Aliyu Magaji, asked, “What is the sum?”

Momoh said, “I don’t have the original contract sum but it (the project) is being done on a yearly basis. We can provide if you need it.”

The accountant who accompanied the NERC boss also could not satisfy the lawmakers’ curiosity.

In ruling, Magaji said, “I need the budgetary approval for your work. If you don’t have contract sum, we delete this your budget and you have zero. You have only one-line item budget and you appear unprepared. So, you go and come back.”

Earlier, Momoh told the committee the plans to end estimated billing being issued by electricity distribution .