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Nestle To Help Chinese Patients Tackle Swallowing Difficulty


Beijing  –  Nestle Health Science (NHSc) and the Chinese Stroke Association (CSA) on Friday announced a partnership to help stroke patients tackle swallowing difficulties.

As part of the collaboration, NHSc will roll out its thickening agent, Thicken Up, across leading hospitals in 25 provinces and municipalities in China.

It would also work with the CSA to introduce clinical innovation and best practice standards in China’s leading stroke centres.

For out-patients, NHSc has also inaugurated an “Easy Eating’’ hotline.

It is estimated that 3.4 to 7.4 million patients are suffering from dysphagia in China, with strokes the greatest cause of the condition in hospital, according to NHSc.

“We are actively developing innovative nutritional therapies for conditions like dysphagia to improve patients’ quality of life.

“China is a very important part of this and we are delighted to serve the market in China, its healthcare system and its people,’’ according to Greg Behar, Chief Eexecutive Officer of NHSc.

Cecily Gu, Business Head of NHSc Greater China Region, observed a clear evolution in the medical approach in China from addressing survival, two decades ago to improving the quality of life at present.

According to Gu, especially the quality of life and mental health in the rehabilitation process.

Nestle Health Science’s factory in east China’s Taizhou City is expected to produce food for special medical purposes by the end of this year.

The company is now working with a Hong Kong firm to develop products based on traditional Chinese medicine.

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