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Newsdiary Online suffers cyber attack again

Danlami Nmodu, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, Newsdiary Online

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – Newsdiary Online, an Abuja-based  newspaper has once again suffered a major cyber-attack.The attack in the early hours of Sunday November 13, 2022 which rendered all posts on the site inaccessible was quickly reported by anxious readers across Nigeria

This development was disclosed in a statement made available to Sundiata Post by the Publisher and editor-in- chief  of Newsdiaryonline, Mr Danlami Nmodu, mni  on Monday.

Nmodu, who was unfortunately on admission at a hospital in Abuja swiftly alerted the IT staff who eventually restored the site after what he described as a “scary battle during which he resorted to prayers at some point.” All posts on the  sited had been wiped off during the attack  he said.

The webmaster succeeded in restoring the site thanks to the multiple backup security measures in place after  Newsdiaryonline’s first major experience.

It could be recalled that the Management of  Newsdiary Communications Limited,  publishers of Newsdiaryonline  had on April 2, 2017  announced that  the online newspaper resumed publication  after it came under malicious cyber attack.

A statement then  by  Nmodu, the Publisher , expressed gratitude to the Almighty God and the wizardry of  the company’s IT professional. “We also thank all those who called us or sent messages of solidarity and encouragement through social media platforms.”

Mr Nmodu  then said in 2017, “it was the worst attack we have suffered since we started publishing Newsdiaryonline in 2008.

Sundiata Post recalls that Newsdiaryonline started operation in Lagos before its headquarters  moved  to Abuja in 2010.

Nmodu noted in 2017, “We are also careful not to point accusing fingers because  we know cyber attacks have become a widespread  phenomenon in our global village. .. Just as we know institutions can target whatever they wish, we also know there are freelance attackers.”

He said further on the 2017 attack  “It was a sad experience, because we lost a lot from this attack. But it has turned out to be very good as we have learnt some security lessons from it.

“For us at Newsdiaryonline, the right of the people to know what is happening is our priority. We cherish our credibility and we shall continue to uphold the tenets of  good, ethical and responsible journalism on our  online platform

On this latest attack  Nmodu said,  “though the database was again affected, we were able  restore the site due  the backup measures in place .”