Neymar’s Mother Dating A 22-Year Old Model After Split With Husband – Photos

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Neymar’s mother Nadine Gonçalves has made public her relationship with 22-year-old model Tiago Ramos, who is six years younger than her son, Neymar.

According EN, Nadine Gonçalves separated from Neymar’s Dad in 2016 announced on Instagram that she is now dating Tiago Ramos.

Tiago Ramos regularly dances in and is a member of the ‘eSports’ 4k Easy Game Brazilian club, a team which participates in the NFA league, an amateur tournament that serves as the gateway the professional competitions of the game.

Nadine recently posted a photo of himself and his with a caption: “The inexplicable cannot be explained, if you live… ”

Neymar commented on this: “Be happy mom love you”.

Ramos is reportedly a big fan of the PSG/Brazil star.He posted an image of a direct message he sent him back in 2017.