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NGO advocates life skills for youths


Lagos, Dec. 31, 2015 (NAN) The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria (WEAN), an NGO, has stressed the need for life skills to be instilled in Nigeria youths, for a better society.
Mrs Angela Daniels, the Executive Director of WEAN, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the acquisition of life skills would aid the youths to become responsible.
She said: “There is lack of life skills amongst majority of our young people, both boys and girls, for them to grow up right.
“Life Skills are those skills that are required to enable us make the most out of life; they are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life.
“With these skills, which include good manners, communication skills, writing skills, assertiveness, soft skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, study skills and independence, our youths will do better in the society.
“ They also need to understand that good education matters.
“With good education, no matter how bad the system is, you must always find your feet.
“That is why we have a lot of hoodlums because these group of youngsters do not have the level of education to aid their survival in the system, so they can do anything.’’
Daniels said that different groups in the society should also be involved in the transference of these skills.
“There should be skills training within our schools, religious groups, social groups, communities and at home.
“ This will help to reduce the level of violence that we are witnessing now.
“It will also help these youths to smoothly transit to adulthood where they will not be wife batterers or end up humiliating women outside.’’
The ED of WEAN also tasked mothers on the proper upbringing of their male offspring.
“I urge mothers to take more extra time in grooming the boy child; they should not be given less attention because they are of the male gender.
“I actually blame mothers for the actions of the men who batter women because we are the ones that groom these boys as little children.

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“We make them become the men they are and when they begin to humiliate us, we cry.
“So, the mother in the house should be able to instill that discipline in the boy-child, let him understand that he cannot beat the sister.
“If he cannot beat the sister, he cannot beat another girl outside or the wife.
“No mother must accept or tolerate the sight or news of her son beating the wife, no matter what that lady has done, as there are other ways of handling conflicts,’’ Daniels added. (NAN)

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