Nigeria Covering Up Army Killing of Protesters, Amnesty International Says

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authorities stop their attempts to cover up the army’ fatal shooting of unarmed protesters last week in the country’ commercial hub, Lagos, rights group said.

“The initial denials of the involvement of soldiers in the shooting was followed by the shameful denial of the loss of lives as a result of the military’ attack against the ,” Amnesty’ Nigeria spokesman Isa Sanusi said Wednesday in an emailed . “Many are still since the day of the incident, and credible evidence shows the military prevented ambulances from reaching the severely injured in the aftermath.”

The army said though it was invited to help enforce a curfew, it had no involvement in the Oct. 20 shooting at one of the protest sites set up by during two weeks of demonstrations against police brutality, contradicting eye witness accounts.

said its investigations established military vehicles left the Bonny Camp base in Lagos at 6:29 p.m. the day in question and arrived at the protest site where troops opened at “approximately 6.45 p.m.”

From Bloomberg