Nigeria needs honest dictator as president – Prof. Ezigbo

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Prof. Joseph Ezigbo

NIGERIA is in dire of an honest dictator lead the country in order to achieve its huge potential, the managing director of Falcon Corporation Limited, Prof. Joseph Ezigbo, has said.

Ezigbo said in an exclusive interview with Realnews in Lagos that Nigerians needed to remove greed from the system.

“Do you know what I used to say to myself a long time ago, even though I don’t think that might save us?

“Is it possible for us to have an honest dictator that can take over Nigeria? But unfortunately, you cannot find an honest man, is a dictator at the same time. If we did, that would have been the best solution to Nigeria.

“Get a dictator, who is honest that can do what is best for Nigeria, irrespective of what the Igbo man thinks, irrespective of what the Hausa man thinks, irrespective of what the Yoruba man thinks because whatever we do, Ohaneze will see Igbo as its own enclave, Afenifere will see Lagos as its enclave, Arewa will see the North as their own enclave, forgetting that none of these exists in isolation,” he said.

He wondered if it is possible for Nigerians to eschew bitterness, remove greed from the system.

“Fortunately, we all exist together in the entity called Nigeria. We need to get back to the understanding that we are first and foremost Nigerians. Not , not , not Hausas, but we are Nigerians,” Prof. Ezigbo said.

On the issue of patriotism, Prof. Ezigbo lamented that “it doesn’t exist in dictionary”.

“Things are happening because you do not have a Nigerian. There’s nobody who is a Nigerian. So we see Nigeria as one big cake. How much can I steal out of it, how much can I bulldoze myself and get from it, and not how much can you give to Nigeria to make it better.

“It is how much can you take out. And once you take out, that Nigeria you feel you have, you never feel safe in it again. You see that’s where we are making the biggest mistake because the amount of money Nigerians own outside Nigeria, if you bring back a tenth of it, Nigeria will be El Dorado. Nigeria will be that we have been looking for. But you carry the money, you put it there (abroad); then you go cap in hand to beg them to give you loan and they will give you back part of your money with a very high interest,” he said.

Source: Realnews