Nigerian Activist, Segalink Withdraws From #EndSARS Protest, Says Movement Is An Insurrection Against Nigeria

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Segun Awosanya aka Segalink, a popular Nigerian activist who spearheaded against brutality in 2017 has backed out of ongoing # protest in country .


Mr. Awosanya’s declaration came after tried shut down ongoing against brutality.


“Staging coordinated attacks prominent reform advocates and then using a credible advocacy’s raise funds through an unregistered NGO, threatening integrity of our nation and gunning for youth insurrection in name of #,” Mr. Awosanya said. “Is this even sane?”

Mr. Awosanya’s comments came few days after he tried provide solutions the crisis by urging and main voices of the decentralized protests dialogue.

He was criticized by some Nigerian youth for allegedly trying to arrogate undue powers to himself using his the platform.

Mr. Awosanya denied the , saying they were being pushed by a group of feminists with whom he has long with.

The Feminist Coalition has been leading the campaign to raise funds and victims of brutality and undue harassment since the beginning of the protest.

The fund received more after the owner of , Jack Dorsey recognised them as the face of the movement and also, verified accounts.