Home News Nigerian Army vows to flush out Badoo, others out of Southwest

Nigerian Army vows to flush out Badoo, others out of Southwest


The Nigerian Army on Wednesday said its Operation Crocodile Smile II in the South-West would go after Badoo group and other cults.

Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman, insisted that the military operations – Egwu Eke II and Crocodile Smile II – like the earlier operations, were not targeted at “any particular ethnic group or group of individuals.”

Usman said, “I made reference to Operation Crocodile Smile, because there is so much mischief and misinformation in respect of Exercise Egwu Eke II. What we are saying is that the exercise is not targeted at any particular ethnic group or a group of persons.

“The army needs to train because in the event of being called upon by the civic authorities, we will know what to do. So, we are looking at large-scale security challenges and we train on those aspects. Last year, we had all these exercises based on the challenges at that time.

“But this year, there are issues associated with criminalities such as Badoo and other cult-related activities. The problems associated with the North-West are different from the South-South or the South-East or a combination of both.

“The whole idea is that these exercises are routine and some people only blow things out of proportion. But we mean well and we just want to train our troops to be more professional”, he told Punch.

The Army is currently carrying out operation Python Dance II in Southeast region of Nigeria.

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