Nigerian envoy in China lauds Team Nigeria for withdrawing from Youth Olympics

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– Nigeria’ Consul General in Shanghai  Ayo Otepola has said the decision Team Nigeria to withdraw the Youth Olympic in Nanjing, China, is in the “best interest’’ the country.

Nigerian athletes, are in China for the Youth Olympics, have been quarantined and barred training because the outbreak the Virus Disease (EVD) in the West Africa region.

This forced a withdrawal Team Nigeria the competition.

Otepola told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on telephone in the decision by the Nigeria’ sport authorities to pull out of the was taken in “free-will and best interest of Nigeria’’.

“Nigeria is not a country of origin in the outbreak of the virus, the circumstances of the first index case was from a Liberian-American brought the virus to Nigeria. [eap_ad_1] “I congratulate the Nigeria Olympic here on how they have handled the issue and I will be in Nanjing on to coordinate our withdrawal,’’ he said.

Otepola said he was in Shanghai to receive the team when they arrived in China on Aug. 12.

According to him, checks by the authorities on all the athletes and at the point of entry showed no sign of exposure to virus.

The diplomat said he did not understand why the team was prevented from training like other athletes participating in the competition.

“Considering the age of athletes, they are very young and many of them were travelling out of the country for the first time, I think they were psychologically affected by what they met in China.

“I won’t really say they were stigmatised because the authorities had informed us of their plans to screen visitors from the affected West Africa countries with confirmed cases of Ebola,’’ he said.

The Youth Olympics was scheduled to hold from Aug. 16 to Aug. 28 and Team Nigeria registered to participate in three sports, including athletics, wrestling and beach volleyball, with twelve athletes. (NAN)