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Nigerian footballer tested for Ebola in Kuwait


Nigeria midfielder Shehu Abdullahi BY AGENCY REPORTER

Nigeria midfielder Shehu Abdullahi was tested for Ebola virus disease in Kuwait after his club returned from a training stint in Dubai.

A close associate of Shehu told AfricanFootball.com that the former Kano Pillars star was specially singled out for an Ebola test at the airport on the arrival of his Kuwaiti club from Dubai.

“He was tested because he carries a Nigerian passport. But there was no cause for alarm as he tested negative,” the official said.[eap_ad_2]

The former Nigeria U-20 star Shehu only recently moved to Kuwait.

Nigeria has been hit by the Ebola virus which has ravaged other West African countries like Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.[eap_ad_3]

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