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Nigerian Men Are Afraid Of Me – Nollywood Actress Oma Iyasara


Oma Iyasara, is one of the few talented up coming actresses in the Nigerian movie industry called Nollywood.
Apart from her talent at interpreting roles, Oma has an intimidating aura; she is beautiful, big, bold and huge, and she says that her size actually gets men scared of approaching her and asking her out.
The Oguta, Imo State-born Mass Communications graduate of the Imo State University has had some successes in the industry since making her debut in Obi Emelonye’s Last Flight to Abuja. After her first movie, she moved on to act in movies like Crippled Kingdom, The Bride is Mine, Finding Love, Dream Walker, False, Hustlers, and Desperate House girls.
She was asked in an interview how men view her in terms of her large size and she said: “Yes. Some men actually get intimidated but I don’t blame them anyway.”
She also spoke on the reason Nigerian men do not like marrying actresses.
I have thought of that but then, my man will love me for me because he is my man and my profession won’t make him love me less.
A lawyer or banker is not better than an actress because every work place has its own negative part.
Nigerians really need to be enlightened; acting is make belief and not all actresses are wayward. In fact, they make good wives. (Pulse)

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