Nigerian president says government “resolved” to keep naira steady

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  - Buhari said on Sunday the government had resolved to keep the naira’s exchange rate steady while supporting the central bank’s decision to move away from the dollar peg, which is seen as overvaluing the naira.

Last week the central bank said would shift to a more flexible exhange rate policy to stop ’s biggest economy sliding into recession but has yet to exactly what the new policy is.

“We resolved to keep the Naira steady as, in the past, devaluation had done dreadful harm to the Nigerian economy,” Buhari said in the text of a speech published by his office on Sunday.

“I supported the monetary authority’s decision to ensure alignment between monetary policy and fiscal policy. We shall keep a close look on how the recent affect the naira and the economy,” he said.

“But we cannot get away from the fact that a strong currency is predicated on a strong economy,” he said, reiterating his opposition to a devaluation.(Reuters)