Nigerian Soldiers Deal With A Masquerade Who Harassed Them For Money In Lagos

A masquerade has been caught on camera being punished by soldiers after he allegedly harassed them for money. A video has emerged online showing the moment a masquerade was dealt with by men said to be Nigerian soldiers.

In the video which has caught quite some attention on social media, the masquerade is seen being told what to do by the ‘soldiers’ who stood beside him handing him orders. The incident reportedly happened in Fadeyi area of Lagos state.

Local reports show that the masquerade had harassed the men for money not knowing that they were soldiers because they were not wearing their camouflage. The soldiers got angry and revealed their identity before proceeding to deal with the masquerade.

In the video, the masquerade is seen being ordered to hold his ears before squatting down and rising again several times.

The video has caused mixed reactions on social media. While some people are amused by the whole development, others are displeased by the attitude of the soldiers whom they said are using their privilege to assault  Nigerians indiscriminately.(Gistmania)

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