Nigerian woman kills husband for sleeping with sister in America

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Temitope Adebamiro, 35, a Nigerian, has been charged with killing her , Adeyinka Adebamiro, 37, over infidelity claims. The culprit told New Castle County that her husband cheated severally on her, including with her sister and their nanny’ daughter. She, however, did not own to the crime, initially claiming her husband stabbed himself. Following a distress call from the couple’s 1300 block of Healy Court home early , the police said they found Adeyinka in a pool of blood and a knife pierced into his neck.

Adeyinka died some hours after then.

Temitope told investigators her husband had been cheating on her with various women and had ordered her back to Nigeria and back multiple times to enable him to frolic.

Temitope, with who Adeyinka had two children, explained they had been married for more than 10 years, during which time she told investigators that he’d physically abused her, even while pregnant with their children.

She said husband sent her to Nigeria for several months, and upon her return in December, she had to stay in a hotel near the Philadelphia airport for four days because her husband refused to let her into their Red Lion home. He, later, paid for her to fly back to Nigeria for a few more months, and about this time, she learned that her husband had spent Christmas with the nanny’s daughter.

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The husband later flew to Nigeria and flew back with her to Philadelphia. As he showed her the cameras inside their home over his cellphone, Temitope saw the nanny’s daughter inside the home.

At one point, Temitope saw several texts and images in her husband’s phone, which she took pictures of using her cellphone. Some of the pictures included images of her sister and the nanny’s daughter.

Temitope said an argument ensued between them after he discovered the photos she’d taken on her cellphone and he began erasing them.

As he yelled at her, Temitope told police there was a power outage at which time she went to the kitchen until power returned. Investigators checked with Delmarva Power, which indicated such power outage occurred at that time, police said.

Temitope then told police that when the power returned, she found her husband in the first-floor bedroom lying in the bed. As she got closer to him, she saw a knife on the ground which she picked up and took to the kitchen. As she put it away, she noticed blood on the tip and that’s when she realized that he was stabbed

Temitope has been charged with first-degree murder and other , arraigned and committed to the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution where she is being held without bail.
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