Nigerians Attack Vee After Saying She Likes Erica

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Nigerians have lashed at ex- Naija 5 housemate, Vee after she turned around to say she likes Erica.

Recall that things didn’t work between Erica and Vee because of the fight Erica had with Laycon.

It believed that Vee had an untold hatred for Erica the but upon her exist from the , the 23-year old singer said she never hated Erica.

Vee a recent interview with cool FM revealed that she never had any with Erica until she began flaunting her situation-ship with Kidwayya the face of Laycon, who already had feelings for her, which she believed hurting him.

Here’ what she said:

“There nothing personal when it came to Erica. It only got personal between both of us when Ebuka asked that question. Before then, it nothing personal. didn’t enjoy it all of the things saw especially when it came to romancing front of Laycon.

wasn’t cool with that but like Erica a lot and think that of the reasons why we didn’t explore our friendship in the first place is that I didn’t to look like that busybody that would be speaking to person and going to another person, saying what’ going on because it wasn’t really my .

“But then, if someone comes to me for advice, then really care about that person. ’m going to be straightforward with them and going to tell them what’ on my mind. You choose to do your own, fair enough, but Laycon would choose to do own and it was irritating me because I just saw him more and more upset. So, it got to a point where I had to keep advising him.”

Reacting to Vee’s comment on her unbiased relationship with Erica, some Nigerians called her a liar, stating that they had record of her bad mouthing Erica in the .

See the reactions;

Casablank: Your bitterness is still well recognized, Alomo bitters.

ella: I thought vee was indabosky, now she can’t be blunt again ?What changed?

naomidavid; IkoroduNaomi Cambell stop lying.

callemjay: On 2 occasions you said you hated her so much. All the same we move.