Nigerians lost election in 2015 not PDP – Sule Lamido

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…. Says there is no leadership in Nigeria

….Stresses that PDP is the only formidable and national party to get Nigeria out of present mess

By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido has said that contrary to the believe that his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost election in 2015, it was actually the Nigerian people that lost the election.

This he said is because it’ the Nigerian people that are bearing the brunt of the misgovernance in the country today.

“In 2014, I said whoever wins election Nigeria will loose and Buhari won Nigeria lost. The subject of campaign then by the two gladiators was sectional instead of Nigeria. Edwin Clerk was busy saying Jonathan is our same with Buhari and his people.

“In 2019 I said that the PDP should take back the country from APC if Nigeria is to move forward because their (APC’s) commitment was for the aura of the office. Today, see the level of borrowing, economy, insecurity, etc.

Lamido stated this Sunday when he featured on Channels Television program called “Sunday Politics” while reacting to what makes him think his party will win 2023 general election after it suffered a bloody nose in 2015 and 2019 in the hands of the All Progressives Congress.

The former governor said: “Seun, it’ you and I that suffered bleeding nose in 2015, not PDP. Since that time, what’s the state of the economy today? Nigeria exited from debt nation during the time of President Obasanjo, what is our debt profile today. There was so much respect for human life when PDP was in power but today we have lost our human sense.

Lamido said, ‘today, we have no leadership in Nigeria. The All Progressives Congress came to power with lies. How can a former petroleum minister and former Head of State say that fuel subsidy is a fraud. The other day APC said that they were ignorant of some things when they came to power. Ignorant is not an excuse.

“The APC is owned by Buhari and Tinubu and they don’t care about anybody.” So in 2023, PDP will take over power if it it’ acts right because it’s not just a formidable party with national outlook, it has so much respect for human life, it has the composure and exposure to better Nigeria. See the rate of killing today, even in Katsina – the president’s state. In Nigeria today you cannot travel from Kaduna to Abuja. At a point he cried but today what has happened.

Asked whether he’s worried about the situation in northern Nigeria and what it will be in few years, Lamido said that crime is now a phenomenon in all the regions of the country but that the peculiarity is the difference.

He however, blamed insecurity the failure of leadership in the country. Adding that today we have lost our human sense, “ main brain have been turned away, he said.” Yes, almajari should be redefined.

When asked to comment the Value Added Tax (VAT) controversy, Lamido said he will not want to talk about it so as not to be tagged one thing or the other. Something there is against Islam, some say beer is being destroyed and that it has a component. He said they should leave the matter for the court to decide.