Nigerians React As Hunger Kills Lion In Kaduna State Zoo

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Reactions have trailed death a lion in a Kaduna zoo.

have blamed poor leadership country which manifested again in poor the Kaduna State zoo where the lion reportedly died health arising from hunger.

A cross-section of lamented same scourge of hunger deals with millions of daily, let alone animals.

According to Metropolexpress in a tweet on Thursday, the lion, which seemed to be of the few surviving wild animals in the Kaduna zoo, died from health .

“Next level; Lion died of hunger in Kaduna zoo. A staff () of the zoo confirmed the lion seen in viral video has passed on. According to the source, lion died as a result of health ,” Metropolexpress tweeted.

Replying, Nigerians lambasted the government, saying if they could take care of the animals, they should return the animals to the wild.

For instance, @iam_smithsalii tweeted, “Hunger has been Nigerians on a daily basis, how much of a lion?”

Ayòmídé Atáyéro (@AtayeroAyomide) said, “Shey a nbo Nigeria ni (Are we worshipping Nigeria)? The country is responsible for the well-being of the animals in the zoo. They can’t take care of it, then they should return them back to wildlife.”

@paaygyn wrote, “RIP Lion, you fought a good fight. In your next life, please don’t choose to come during (Muhammadu) Buhari era, nah so so hunger go dey wire you (In another life, don’t come during Buhari’s administration; hunger will deal with you).”

Seun Nuės (@daemperor007) wrote, “There has to be a separate hell for corrupt Nigerian government workers and politicians where they can meet and have their reunion.”

InstaDad (@JohnsonAbbaly) tweeted, “If this animal were left alone in the wild, it would have fended for itself. Zoos are natural habitats and they deny the animals access to a robust ecosystem provided by nature. At least feed it or it to the savannahs.”