Nigeria’s 18-year-old lad, makes wave in UK educational history

is again in the world news for good reason with 18-year-old Citize Timi Adelakun making history as the first black valedictorian of South Broward High School’s graduating class with a -setting GPA for the school since it was founded in 1913.

Adelakun, who said his grades excelled early on in his life, and he kept them up ever since, reports say, posted an impressive 5.6045 GPA which he said by graduation, would “go a little bit higher.”

“South Broward sets you up to start off with college-level courses, so you’re pretty much in a good position GPA wise,” he said.

“South Broward High School, which is an Ace Program school, and each Ace class is a college credit.

At the same time, they offer AP courses and at the same time they offer Broward College courses.”


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