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Nigeria’s culture, second to none says NICO Boss


Abuja –  Dr Barclays Ayakoroma, the Executive Secretary of National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) on Wednesday described Nigeria’s culture as “second to none’’.
Ayakoroma, who made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, said that Nigeria and Africa in general had what the white man would love to have.
“We do not appreciate our culture enough and we need to do that to ensure that the rest of the world respects us for what we are.
“Our cultures are not fetish and being in the sector does make one a looser or a never do well but we must stop putting the nation’s culture down in our quest to embrace western life.’’
He however said that a number of things had of recent been giving the country a new face among the comity of nations, “one of which is the Nigerian film industry, now known as Nollywood’’.
“In those days people who read theater arts were regarded as useless persons, who did not know what they wanted in life, but Nollywood has changed all that negative thinking,’’ he said.
He urged that such innovation should be extended to Nigerian’s cultural festivals, carnivals and dances.
“The ‘primitive’ practices can be modernised to have greater entertainment value that can help to sell our ways of life to the outside world as well as develop our economies.
“For example, the nation of Israel has used the Bible to create tourism and any person who has gone to Israel on pilgrimage will tell you that various aspects of the Bible were tapped into to earn revenue for the country.
“And do not forget that even though they are not all Christians, they have none the less used that cleverly to attract the world to Israel.’’
Ayakoroma said that all the major points in the Bible were taken advantage of in telling the story of the reality of Christianity with the recognition of Israel as a major tourist destination.
“You go to Canaan where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine, you see wine shops everywhere where you can buy any kind of wine you want and that is the business there.
“At Galilee, where Jesus fed the 5000 men with five loaves and two fishes you see shops where they roast fish.
“Or is it the pool of Bethesda, Lot’s wife’s image, the mount of transfiguration, they all result in tourism.’’
He said that Nigeria has many places such as caves, waterfalls, mangroves, which could be recreated to attract tourists.
“We have the Obudu Ranch, Yankari Games Reserve, Osun – Osogbo festivals, Milkin Hills, Awhum Waterfalls in Enugu just to mention a few.
“Nigeria has good dance performances, rich cultures which should be of such great interest to non-Nigerians that if properly packaged will be a huge revenue earner for the country.’’
Ayakoroma therefore called on the various state governments to explore and exploit what was readily available to them in order to encourage local tourism. (NAN)

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