Nigeria’s disbursement of N20,000 to poor women allegedly marred by extortion, favouritism

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Some women have decried alleged and nepotism ongoing N20,000 grant being disbursed by Federal Ministry of , Disaster and Social Development .

women spoke News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in at the venue of the disbursement.

The said that unidentified persons were extorting money some of the beneficiaries.

NAN reports that the was meant for poor and vulnerable women.

They alleged that most of the targeted beneficiaries were schemed out of the process, adding that those who benefitted were “mainly and friends of the officials and politicians.’’

The women told NAN that the process was characterised by massive of unsuspecting beneficiaries by unidentified individuals.

One of the women, Kahdija Ahmad, told NAN that the grant designed give a lifting hand some of the poorest and most vulnerable citizens was ending in the pockets of the “well--do’’.

According to her, some of the women that benefited drove to the venue in flashy cars, a clear indication that they do not need such support.

Another woman, Rabi , said that the names of about 50 of them were collected and were told to come to the venue in a group, lamenting that none of them received the money.

“We have been coming here every day for the past three days, with some of us coming as early as 6:00 a.m. but got nothing.

will come, a call or and someone will come out the hall and usher them in. A few minutes later, they will come out smiling with money in their pockets while we stand and watch,” Mrs told NAN.